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Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet classes are provided up to entry level for stage school; for those seeking a teaching career or just pursuing an interest.

Classes are available for students of 2 years of age and upwards, in groups of 2 to 10 or on an individual basis.
Classes are available for both children and adults, either in groups of 2 to 10 or on an individual basis.

The RAD Ballet teaching method is used in 70 countries.
Classical ballet technique is the continuous outward rotation of the thighs from the hip, 'turnout'. The five foundational leg positions, all performed with turnout; are the first, second, third, fourth and fifth positions.
Females wear pink, black or flesh coloured tights, a leotard and sometimes a short wrap-skirt. Males wear black or dark tights with a form fitting white shirt or leotard worn under the tights.

Females restrain their hair in a bun or other similar style to expose their neck and reveal body form for evaluation of alignment and technique.

Dancers wear soft ballet shoes, 'flats'. Female dancers wear pink or beige shoes and males wear black or white shoes. After warming up, female dancers, deemed strong enough in the ankles and able to execute routines to a high standard, may wear pointe shoes.

In Tap dance the shoes hit the floor as a percussive instrument; either following the beat of music or without accompaniment; 'a cappella' tap dancing.
See Timetable for timings of specific classes.

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