Freestyle Jazz
Traditional Irish Dancing
Line Dancing
Wedding Dance
Musical Theatre, Street, Rock & Roll, Cheerleading
We provide tuition for couples wishing to dance at their wedding; their first dance as a married couple.
Whether this dance is to take the form of a traditional dance e.g. the Waltz, or be a bespoke dance to a favourite song, we are certain our Instructors will be able to help you prepare for your special day.
We provide group classes and private lessons to suit whatever form of dance expression you require, whether structured dance like Rock & Roll or more contemporary styles of commercial performance.
One of our most popular traditional dance forms and a firm favourite with many of our younger girls and boys.
Always a great success and very easy to learn. You do not need to have a partner and you get to have fun as part of a group dancing to some of your favourite songs.
For those looking for self-expression in dance, whether using choreography or improvisation, Freestyle Jazz is a great confidence booster, good fun and can be an excellent form of exercise.
Please contact June to discuss your specific requirements!

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