June Bealey

Lisa Mair

AIDTA (BB) (LA) (KF) (T), AISTD (BB) (SB), ARAD, AUKA (T) (R+R), FDA (C+W ), MIDTA (Bt) (F)

RTS RAD, AIDTA (Bt) (T) (F) (C)

From her own first steps as a young pupil at the School, Lisa rapidly progressed through the grades and has become an invaluable teaching assistant to June.

As a great example to those pupils seeking to combine a love of dance with a career in teaching, Lisa has for a number of years spear-headed the training of the School's dance groups to support various activities including the very popular shows of Pasha Kovalev from Stictly Come Dancing.

Our Instructors

Founder and Principal Instructor of the School, June has a wealth of professional training, performance and teaching experience.

She has an outstanding record of success in guiding pupils across all dance styles and at all grades, and she has helped many aspiring dancers pursue their chosen career.

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